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A Holiday Gift from CommLawCenter–The Pillsbury Antenna

If you are receiving this email, you are already familiar with our CommLawCenter posts on breaking news and developments in the communications industry.  For more extensive legal analysis that would never fit in a post, we also publish Pillsbury Client Advisories like our Public Inspection File Advisory (about to be updated with a new edition) at (you can sign up for those here).

Fitting within neither of those categories, however, is the Pillsbury Antenna, which receives a much more limited circulation via email to our clients.  Rather than focusing on a single topic, whether it be breaking news in CommLawCenter or a regulatory compliance manual at, each month the Pillsbury Antenna covers a variety of recent regulatory developments affecting broadcasters.  It also includes detailed information on upcoming comment and application deadlines for broadcasters in proceedings at the FCC and elsewhere.  It is a useful publication for keeping up to date on the regulatory side of the broadcast industry without being subjected to the minute-by-minute information overload of Internet factoids provided without context.

Fortunately, we recently developed the capability to distribute the Antenna to CommLawCenter readers that have signed up to receive CommLawCenter content by email.  Given its nature and format, you won’t see it posted at CommLawCenter, or indexed on Google, but you will have your very own copy to read at your leisure (by clicking on one of the links above).  If you find it useful and would like to see us continue to circulate it to CommLawCenter subscribers, please let us know.

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