Broadcast Television Carriage Election

Date(s): Oct/01/2023

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All commercial full-power television and qualifying Class A television stations must by October 1, 2023 elect retransmission consent or must-carry status for the January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2026 period. Such stations must upload to the “Must-Carry or Retransmission Consent” folder of their Public Inspection File a statement noting their election(s) and retain that documentation in their Public Inspection File for the duration of the three-year period. A station changing its election from what it elected for the preceding three-year period must also notify the relevant cable and satellite providers by email (with a copy sent to, and upload copies of these notices to its Public Inspection File. Noncommercial television stations requesting mandatory carriage must place in their Public Inspection File a copy of that request if they had not already done so for a previous election cycle (as the earlier election remains in effect). Qualifying LPTV stations, which are not required to maintain a Public Inspection File, should have notified cable and satellite providers of their election by email in 2020, and must by this date notify cable and satellite providers by email only if they are changing their election for the upcoming three-year period. A copy of such emails must also be sent to


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