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50+ Sure Fire Predictions for Broadcasters in 2012

Around this time last year, I wrote about developments to watch for in 2011 in a piece entitled “A Look Ahead at 2011 Reveals an Interesting Year for Retrans, Renewals, and Indecency“. Fortunately for me, 2011 didn’t disappoint (at least in that regard), with indecency now sitting before the U.S. Supreme Court (oral arguments coming next week), the flurry of retrans negotiations at the end of 2011 bringing a fundamental change in the nature of retrans negotiations that I hope to write about soon, and license renewals being a hot button issue for radio broadcasters in 2011 that will expand to television broadcasters in 2012.

This year, I’ve decided to expand my predictions to include well over 50 events that will affect broadcasters across the country in 2012, and to even go so far as to predict the exact dates on which each of these events will occur in 2012. So with that introduction, I present our 2012 Broadcasters’ Calendar, chock full of useful information for broadcasters and those who work with them. No need to guess at FCC and other government deadlines anymore (which turns out to be a very bad way to achieve regulatory compliance), since you can now tell at a glance what deadlines are coming up for stations in your state and broadcast service.

Using the latest in aerospace materials and technology, and innovatively organized by date, the 2012 Broadcasters’ Calendar is new and improved over our 2011 Broadcasters’ Calendar, principally because it covers events coming up in 2012, as opposed to events that already happened last year (which, again, turns out to be not as useful in a calendar).

So if you are a broadcaster, please join me in greeting 2012 with confidence in your upcoming regulatory obligations, and the warm feeling that comes from knowing that (one more prediction!) 2012 will be a monster year for political advertising buys (see 2012 Broadcasters’ Calendar – Nov. 6 – U.S. General Election).