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August 1 Deadline Looms For Copyright Royalty Claims

Every year, television stations whose signals were carried outside of their markets by a cable or satellite television provider during the prior year have the opportunity to obtain copyright royalties for that carriage. However, the claims process contains many rigid requirements. One is that claims must be filed no later than 5:00 pm in Washington, DC on July 31. Since July 31 is a Sunday this year, stations get one additional day, until 5:00 pm on August 1, 2011, to file (4:00 pm for courier-delivered claims).

Stations that aired locally produced programming in 2010 and were carried on cable systems located outside of their DMAs or were delivered to subscribers for home viewing outside of their DMAs by a satellite carrier should review the requirements for eligibility and submission of their claim. If a station’s claim is not filed using an approved method, including the specific addresses for mail and hand deliveries, or if the claim is not filed by the deadline, the station will not be able to seek any copyright royalties for its programming carried out of market in 2010. Stations that successfully file their claims will be asked at a later date to provide additional information to establish the amount of reimbursement to which they may be entitled.

The firm’s Advisory on making copyright royalty claims can be found here, and provides additional information for stations interested in pursuing a claim.